Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Strange fruit in Trinity Park

A dog walker in Trinity Park this morning found a noose hanging from a tree near Watts and Minerva. It seems that some people aren't satisfied with the thought of just calling the police on "minorities" in our hood ...

Of course, I'm sure very few of the vehemently-self-proclaimed-non-racists in Trinity Park will understand the connection between advocating all "minorities" be deemed "suspicious" and the direct threat implied by the appearance of a noose. Oh, maybe it was just children playing ... play-acting the attitudes they see around them in a neighborhood where suspicion of anyone who isn't white runs deep, and even occasionally gurgles out into the open.

Oh, and it seems that the Trinity Park e-mail list, or perhaps just certain people on it, are now on "double-secret probation." My neighbor posted something regarding the recent brouhaha and it was sent back to her as rejected with a note that the topic has been given a "cooling off period."

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