Friday, April 18, 2008

El mariachi loco quiere bailar

Went to Taqueria Lopez tonight with the cool kids to see the mariachis (real name: Mariachi Amanecer Tapatio) and eat really, really good tacos. I ate too much and had a great time. Here's a clip of their most action-packed number (I got the idea to grab some video a few seconds after the song started, so the opening bars are cut off. Sorry.):

They'll be back at Lopez in two weeks. Mark your calendars.


Anonymous said...

I think I've seen those guys at El Cuscatleco, too. Where's Taqueria Lopez?

Lisa B. said...

3838 Hillsborough Rd.

I saw some mariachis at El Cuscatleco once, but they weren't these guys. It was a few years ago, though.

Phil said...

They look like the same guys I saw at El Cuscatleco last month. My pictures are fuzzy, but the big guitar guy is big, and the fiddle player has a mullet. And the clothes are the same, so... That's what I'm guessing.

They do much better in the big space at Taqueria Lopez

Lisa B. said...

Well then they probably are. How is El Cuscatleco these days? I haven't been in ages. I love the Salvadoran plato tipico there.