Friday, April 04, 2008

Fight 'em until we can't

Once again I'm sort of bummed that I have the cheap-ass ghetto cable package. No Sci-Fi Channel. Even though I've maligned it somewhat in the past, I'm really ready for more Battlestar Galactica, which starts its final season tonight. I just watched the entertaining eight-minute recap of the first three seasons, which does a good job of skipping all the crap storylines (most of which involved Starbuck and/or Apollo being poor tortured souls ... boring!) and getting me excited about the series again. I guess I'll just have to buy the episodes from iTunes.

In other news, Durham and it's blogosphere are all abuzz over the world-famous Full frame Documentary Film Festival this weekend. Meanwhile, I will be competing in yet another dog agility trial. If you get sick of movies you can come watch crazy people running around a wet field with their dogs.


Sarah said...

I read that is streaming the new episodes for free: a one-time preview at noon the day the episode airs, then it's posted to be viewed anytime the morning after.

I just checked the website and it's here:
The new one is at the top of the list for BSG: "He That Believeth in Me."

Lisa B. said...

Yay! Thanks for the heads up! Now as soon as I have time to watch it I will.

Mamacita Chilena said...

Do people fall on this wet field? Even better, do the dogs fall? I like nothing more than some good ole fashioned real life slapstick comedy :)

Lisa B. said...

People fall all the time, which provides much entertainment. Dogs will occasionally slip a little, but usually that causes everyone to gasp--we worry much more about the dogs' safety than the people's. Fortunately, dogs have a much easier time keeping their footing and balance on four legs than people do on two.

Anonymous said...

lisa b.,
totally off subject, but... do you know of any dog trainers in durham? we just got a rescue dog and she comes with 3 lessons with a trainer in chapel hill. we will, of course, use those lessons, but (since you are the only dog person we "know") we were wondering if you knew of anyone closer to the old north durham neighborhood in case we need additional reinforcement...

Lisa B. said...

Hi Crystal,

A good friend (and awesome dog trainer) does in-home training--she doesn't live near OND but she will come to your home. I don't mind flakking for her in my blog, either--her name is Sue McKinney and her business is called "Dog Fun Forever": She is extremely positive and as good with people as she is with animals.

Also, if you'd like to take classes, (which I like with my puppy because it's one thing to get your dog to pay attention in your living room, but a completely different thing in a really distracting place with other dogs & people), I recommend the place where I take classes & teach--Pet Behavior Help (

And if you're looking for books to help you out, I recommend anything and everything by Patricia McConnell (

I'm also usually happy to answer people's questions, too ;-)