Thursday, April 10, 2008

She's got eyes like saucers, oh you think she's a dish

Hey, I just discovered that one of my photos made it to Cute Overload! Teh cool.

Speaking of teh cute, I need to take more pix of Pinky Laverne Del Fuego, because she's grown into quite the goofpuff:

funny little dog
That was a few weeks ago. She's gotten no less goofy since.

In other news, I looked at two houses in Raleigh today, both on Waycross Street. I really like the street, even if it is in Raleigh. It feels semi-rural. In fact, behind one of the houses (the cute one that I probably won't be able to afford) is a goat farm! Yes! And all the little goatses were cavorting and doing goaty things and saying "Mmaaa-aa-aa-a." Very cute. I would really like to live there, even if it is not in Durham. Unfortunately, the house on Waycross that I can afford is not very cute at all, with really low ceilings and a very weird layout. I'm pretty sure that at one point it was a two-room shack that got added onto gradually over the years. I did rather like the window that opened from the dining room into the master bedroom closet, however. It would be nice to know that if I were ever to become accidentally locked in the closet I'd have a way out.


steve said...

She is soo cute! Looking forward to more photos.

Elayne said...

She is very cute and looks like she's full of shenanigans. I love the sticky-up ears.