Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did some Derm stuff ...

I took a break from stressing about selling/buying a house and getting rid of/packing up all my crap to do something Durham this morning. Pinky needed a swimming lesson, so we headed up to Sennet's Hole at West Point on the Eno. I needed a place where I could carry her into the water with me and then let her swim next to me. Since it was early Sunday morning there weren't a lot of people there, and except for one fisherman all the other folks had dogs. It's really a lovely place. I'd been there before, but I never swam. Now that I know what an awesome swimming hole it is I need to make a point of getting out there more often.

The swim lesson went pretty well--at least Pinky knows that she knows how to swim now. (Dogs pretty much instinctively swim, but unless they've done it before they don't always realize that they can). Pinky still doesn't seem like a big fan of the water, but maybe she just needs a few more lessons.

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