Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I suppose you're going to have to play it by ear, right here

So the house-buying saga continues ...

I countered the sellers' counter and then they countered my counter. But since they had already take three days to even respond to my initial offer, I was losing my will to buy their house. So I stood on my counter. I'll wipe the footprints off later. They haven't responded back, but technically the day isn't over yet. Still, I'm assuming they're not going to accept.

So there's still House #2, plus two new ones have come up since I put in my offer, so I went to look at them this evening ... let's call them Houses 3 and 4. I like house 3, a brick ranch on more than half an acre off Hope Valley Road, even though it has old crank windows that will need to be replaced and the laundry is in a half-basement that only has exterior access. The kitchen is dated but cute, spacious and well-arranged (it also has vintage boomerang-patterned formica countertops that are in great shape). So tomorrow morning, assuming I don't hear back from the proprietors of House 1, I'll put in an offer.

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