Sunday, June 22, 2008

Son of a ...

I went to Sennet's Hole again this morning for doggie swim time (I swam, too). Now, I'm the kind of person who always, always locks her car. It's like an automatic compulsion--as soon as I'm out I click the little remote thingie twice so I hear the honk that tells me it's good and locked. You know what's coming, right? I must have neglected it when I got out of the car at West Point on the Eno. It's Pinky's fault. She was being a little wild girl and I was trying to wrangle her in so we could start the walk, and I guess that made me forget the click-click-honk ritual.

Anyway, so after a good time was had by all, I packed everyone back into the car and then the little dashboard thingie told me a door was still open. So I got out and double-checked all the doors I'd just closed, but the light was still on. That's when I saw that the passenger side front door wasn't closed properly, which was weird because I hadn't opened that one. That's when I noticed my agility gear bag was missing from the front seat. Bastards!

The good thing is that what was in the bag would be an extremely disappointing haul for a thief. Unless he really wanted a women's size small Marmot Mist rain jacket and a pair of women's size small REI breathable waterproof pants. Damn, that was really good rain gear. Other than that there was really nothing of value to anyone but me: a ziploc full of benadryl, a few other over-the counter remedies and maybe a Rimadyl tablet or two; one or two spare pairs of socks (most likely permanently stained orange from our clay soils); a ziploc full of, er, girl emergency stuff; a travel contact lens kit (no lenses included); a polycarbonate water bottle; a just-in-case Ace ankle brace; a spare leash, maybe a dog toy or two, and Lucy's slip-lead. The last thing is the only item that will be hard to replace, because it was handmade by a woman who's no longer making them. I'll just have to buy Lucy an ordinary, generic slip-lead, I guess. Dumbass crackhead's going to have a hard time selling any of that stuff. Unless he goes to an agility trial.

Fortunately the thief bastard left the most expensive thing in the car: my REI Alcove shelter.

I hope karma pops a cap in that lowlife thief's ass.


r4kk4 said...

aw dammit! i'm so sorry!

but just think of it this way, the stupid fuck didn't get any of your cards so you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of time canceling credit/debit and getting paperwork to have new id made. that's the only bright spot, i guess.

still, suck!! argh!

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, I didn't take my purse--I just put my wallet in the pack I carried with me on the hike. So the biggest trouble I have to go to is to get my ass down to REI to replace my rain gear before the next session of agility classes starts in July.

The thing that really bugs me is that dude is probably just going to toss my stuff out of his car somewhere once he discovers it doesn't have any quick resale value. Shithead.

Now I'm going to be really compulsive about locking the damn car ...

cedarfield said...

I feel your pain! Was it one of Ali J's leashes he took?

Lisa B. said...

Yep, it was an Ali J :-(