Saturday, June 28, 2008

You can't solve all your problems by shooting someone or setting a stranger on fire

Just about everything that can be in a box is in a box. Except for the stuff that makes coffee. I'm going to need that. And the TV. It's a big 33" thing from about ten years ago, back before they made them all flat and stuff. Where am I supposed to find a box for that? Oh well, if the movers break it it will be the excuse I need to go buy one that's all flat and stuff.

The movers will be here at 9 am tomorrow. Then we clean (my mom and I, that is), and Sunday night we sleep on air mattresses so we can make a quick exit before the buyer's final walk-through. Then I guess we'll have to kill time until my walk-through at 11:30, and then kill more time until I close at 2:30. Then sometime after that I get all my stuff in boxes back and get to start this whole process in reverse. Yay.

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