Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello from Susie Single Homeowner ..

I got internet this morning. Hooray for Time-Warner. Except for the part where I had to wait two hours for the cable guy, it was fast and easy. Hey Verizon, you can suck it, OK? Time-Warner put me through zero hours of tech support hell, and even though I chose their second-cheapest service, it seems fast enough for my recreational intertube surfing needs.

Oh, but bad thing this weekend: the big huge scary storm Friday night knocked out power in my vicinity for about 24 hours. Good thing I didn't have the fridge or freezer fully stocked. Also good thing that I decided to bring the two extra (I know, seems excessive) yard waste bins from my old house (I left one for our buyer). I filled all three bins with the miscellaneous chunks of trees and bushes that littered my lawn on Saturday.

On Sunday, I mowed the lawn. I had to borrow a friend's mower because the one I had before was an old electric and it wouldn't have been up to the task of .59 acres. My friend's mower is a self-propelled walk-behind, and even though it helped a bit, I still did not really enjoy myself. People tell me I need a riding mower, but they're all so gigantic that I don't think they'd fit through either gate between the front and back, and they definitely wouldn't fit through the basement door, so I'd then have to build a shed just for the mower to live in. Then I'd have to worry all the time that some crackhead was going to break into my shed and steal my big gigantic mower. Maybe I'll just hire TROSA lawn care from now on. (Did I mention that TROSA moved me? They did an awesome job. I wholeheartedly recommend them if you're planning a move.)

But damn, my new house is awesome. I'm having a hard time getting stuff done because I just want to sit out in my big, beautiful back yard and ponder how cool the place is.


Sarah said...

Yay for net access and cool new houses!

spacegrrl said...

i'm glad your new place is as great as it looked in the pictures!