Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The midnight train is whining low

I hate it when the blogs I read regularly go silent for days on end and provide me with no entertainment or edification. So I apologize to anyone who gives a crap about what I write here. I've been busy trying to turn my new house into a home.

But before I blab on about that: Ever wanted to hear a Brazilified Hank Williams song? You can here. Click on the "downloads" link, give them some of your precious info, and they'll give you three free musics. Including the aformentioned Hank cover.

So anyway, about the house. It needs paint. On the inside; the outside is all bricky. I was going to start in the bathroom because it's heinous. I hate blue and the tulip border drives me crazy. The shell-shaped sink, laminated vanity and geriatric railing next to the toilet don't help at all. Ideally I'd completely remodel the whole thing but I'm not going to spend such bucks right now. Fabric will have to do for now. (Anyone with any experience painting laminate should feel free to share their wisdom with me.)

The kitchen was going to be next, because the anemic yellow cabinets just don't fill me with joy. I think kitchens should be colorful and maybe a little crazy. They're supposed to be happy, creative places, like maybe it would inspire me actually cook something that required more than pre-heating an oven. I have a slightly kooky color scheme in mind inspired by the boomerang countertops.

The night before I was going to go buy some paint for one of these projects I was sitting in my living room and it occurred to me that it really needed to be first in line for some paint. To begin with, the trim is the worst shade of blue ever invented. It looks like it belongs on the walls of a hospital because any color so ugly must have some special redeeming quality like superior germ-fighting powers or resistance to staining by bodily fluids. Also, I have a whole ton of weird crap I want to display in the room, and it would make sense if I paint before I drag it all out of its boxes.

I had a hard time settling on one color for the room, so I chose two ("Jovial Orange" and "Golden Rod"). I got some coordinating fabric to make Roman shades. Not that I know how or anything, but my mother does and she keeps saying she wants to help. So she'll be up this weekend for shade-making merriment. So far the room is slightly painted, but I'm busy with dog stuff as usual, and it all probably won't be finished until next week. I'll post photos at some point.


Sarah said...

from what I hear, the key to roman shades is perfect measurements. If anything is the slightest bit off it will hang funny. Not that I have any idea what I'm talking about. I've never made them, I just was planning to & read up on it once.

Lisa B. said...

Well, if it requires perfection then my mother is the one to achieve it ;-) Not me, alas ... I think I'll just let her make them and I'll watch!

Valerie said...

Our mothers should meet. :p

Can't wait to see the new paint job. I *love* your front window. Such great light!

AmyPinSeattle said...

I have painted laminate twice. Once in my bathroom - I used a special substance I got from Lowel's or Home Depot that was designed for this. It involved using acid to "scratch" the surface and then 2-4 super thin coats of the "paint" that hardened to a typical surface. My only issue with that was that it would stain if anythign with color was left on it - toothpaste, piece of paper that got wet, etc. This was probably 10+ years ago in an apartment I was renting. The product did an awesome job of covering the 70's avacado green laminant!

When I bought my house a few years ago, the kitchen was HORRID. The top cabinets were different wood fromteh bottom cheap from teh 70's fake wood cabinents and the laminant was butt ugly! I decided to "sand" them a bit with sand paper to rough them up and put on a few coats of "aluminum" paint from Rustoleum (Lowel's again). I put on a few coats - one every 24 hours and then topped it off with a few coats of poly type stuff they use on boats - oil based. Everyone is shocked when they see it that it's paint.

Now, since I don't really cook and I don't enjoy cooking, a "paint" makevoer was an awesome solution for the kitchen. The only issue I had with the counters is it took about 4-6 months to really "cure" so that if I pounded something on the counter it didn't make an imprint on them. Not reall biggie.

I also saw a magazine article - in Domino I think, of a "make over" of a bathroom that only used paint, towels, etc. They made the bathroom look fabulous even though they didn't rip out the tile, etc. Cheap makerover that was really impressive. You might check out older copies at your library to see what they did.

Good luck! Amy

spacegrrl said...

if you had any inclination to replace your vanity, christa found much of her super cheap bathroom reno stuff at the habitat warehouse in raleigh.

Lisa B. said...

I may go look there. I checked the Habitat store in Durham and they didn't have anything I liked, but I'll keep looking.