Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The internets exist so we can make fun of stuff

For some reason I recently got into ReadyMade (the blog and the magazine, and it's probably because I think some non-lazy Lisa is going to suddenly take over my life and transform my new house into a creative showcase of stunning DIY derring-do), and they recently ran a post on "beautifully funny blogs about unfortunately ugly stuff" that features some mighty fun links. There's Cake Wrecks, which Georg already blogged but is fun enough to me blogged many times; It's Lovely! I'll Take It!, a "collection of poorly chosen photos from real estate listings," which is depressingly funny if you are in or have just been through an actual real estate search; and D-Listed Decor: "Design Within Retch: The worst home furnishing finds on Craiglist."

The last one seems to entertain me the most, maybe because it's fun to see what kind of crap other people think is cool enough to sell. Like if I had ever had such a lapse in judgment as to pay $40 for a neon "rock-on" sign, I'd probably, after coming to my senses, just slip it into the next box of stuff I'm taking to a thrift store where no one need ever know that I and my money actually encouraged the manufacture of such an item. But someone else would say no, this is a "Perfectly functional neon rock-on sign. Great for college student or a den. I bought it and took it out of the box once to use. It's about a foot tall including stand. I bought it for 40 dollars so 20 is a steal."

But one post at D-Listed that sort of hit home is SCARY STUFFED CAT- LONG STORY. The short story is that this woman had a real-life hugely fat mutant cat, so someone else thought she'd love a gift of a stuffed hugely fat mutant cat. I can sort of relate to this not because I once owned a hugely fat mutant cat (I did have a rather fat cat, but she wasn't extraordinarily so), but because when I owned cats people always assumed that I would want to receive cat-shaped or cat-related items as gifts. Now I will say that an occasional cat shaped item is fine--cats are rather pleasingly shaped and sometimes they're darn cute. But people seemed to assume that a person with two cats must of course want to drink only out of feline-themed coffee mugs, wear cat-shaped earrings and cat adorned T-shirts and get her soap or lotion out of dispenser with a cuddly kitten on it. Maybe the person really wants a Spongebob Squarepants soap dispenser, but she's stuck with the cat one because the person who gave it to her comes over all the time and she doesn't want to hurt any feelings.

I don't have nearly as much trouble with this as a dog owner, probably because most of the doggie paraphernalia out there is breed specific, so people gift it based on the particular breed someone owns. Ha ha! I have mutts! But anyway, back to the scary stuffed cat: if someone did give me such a thing, I would not waste any time trying to get someone to actually give me money for it via Craigslist. No, I think I'd leave it on someone's desk at work as a prank.


chris said...

I thought you were all about ROCK-ON!!!

Lisa B. said...

I am, but I don't need a neon sign to confirm it ;-)

Valerie said...

Oh, I am chuckling over here! Thanks for the laugh.