Monday, August 04, 2008

Like I need a hole in the head

awesome guitar

For the third year in a row, Santa Salsera and I went to the Festival La Ley, which is an annual anniversary all-day musical marathon featuring lots of Mexican regional groups. (And also reggaeton, because it's taking over the planet). It was big, big fun.

Anyway, I got a new camera, so whether anyone likes it or not I'll be posting a bunch of photos and maybe a few videos from the day here, as soon as I have a chance to look through them all. But here's a tiny sampling of the fun (Raleigh-based Bravo Norteño):

A snippet of Bravo Norteño from bunchofpants on Vimeo.

[Edit: Salsera says Bravo Norteño are from Goldsboro. But perhaps in the same way people from Waukegan say "Chicago" when they're traveling and someone asks where they're from, I bet Bravo Norteño says "Raleigh."]

The event was held this year at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, and I don't think I've mentioned lately how much I hate that place. Well, not the place itself--it's actually very pretty and music sounds good there. The real downer is the overabundance of rules about where you can sit, stand or walk (after all, it's in Cary) and the maniacal zealotry of the security people in enforcing them. In previous years at the La Ley events, Salsera and I pretty much wandered wherever we want, she interviewing people and I taking photos (we've had backstage passes every time because Salsera is a real journalist, and I've actually sold a few photos to the pub she works for so I guess I'm sort of a real photographer. Plus I have a master's degree in journalism, so I think I should get issued a press pass wherever I go). But at Koka Booth, I practically got tackled by the head of security for being in front of the stage, even though I'd cleared it with the rank-and-file security guy before I went out there. So I asked what the deal was, he said I needed "credentials." Like above and beyond the fact that the sponsoring group gave me an all-access wristband? Yes. (Note to self: put mad graphics skillz to work on some "credentials," stat.)

He was also getting pretty huffy about the fact that Salsera was interviewing band members (which is why La Ley gave her the backstage pass, duh), and he got on his official radio with someone to ask if she was allowed. To him this situation was a gigantic emergency. Probably because everything else at the entire event was going so smoothly (beer at Koka Booth is waaay to expensive for there to be any drunk and disorderly people); He was definitely one of those guys who loves nothing more than to feel important and in command. If there's not a "crisis" for him to handle he probably feels suicidal. We've got some guys like that where I work, whose job is to manage "emergencies," and they're happiest when there's a big-ass hurricane barreling toward us threatening to take out every hog farm east of Greensboro.

But I digress, as usual.

So tune in tomorrow (or sometime, I dunno ...) for more on the festival. Or don't. I don't care. This blogging gig pays the same whether anyone reads me or not.

An another thing: Salsera and I are now kicking around the idea of starting a blog together. OK, we're more than kicking it around, we've decided to do it, we just need to agree on a name (suggestions welcome). It will be about music (primarily all flavors and styles of Latin music but I refuse to be limited, so Turkish hip-hop and Tuvan throat singing could easily show up there). We hope to include a calendar of local Latin/world shows (not that we know how to do said calendar, but I bet The Google can teach us), plus photos, videos, interviews with artists, etc. Coming soon ... maybe.


chris said...

Locopants, the blog.

Lisa B. said...

Oh, that's good! I'm seriously running that one by la Salsera.

georg said...

But is there any Tuvan hiphop? I guess Yat-Kha comes closest, but he's way more rock influenced. I'm surprised some crate digging, underground hiphop DJ hasn't started sampling Huun Huur Tu records for breaks and stuff.

Lisa B. said...

I have yet to encounter Tuvan hip-hop. It's a niche that needs to be exploited, IMO.

Lisa B. said...

Here's an interesting Tuvan/C&W hybrid: