Saturday, August 09, 2008

Who put these fingerprints on my imagination?

So we've gone and done it. Onda Carolina, the music blog S. and I have cooked up, has gone live. Of course, I have yet to post, but S. has already popped three entires out of the toaster. I swear I'll put something up there soon. And eventually I'll put up some links and whatnot to make it look like a real blog and all.


Sylvia P. said...

Please do! I want to see your live footage of Grupo Control, among other things.

toastie said...

I like the idea of popping entries out of the toaster. Like Pop Tarts. But not like Pop Tarts, unless you'll be blogging about Miley Cyrus.

All the best with the new blog!

Lisa B. said...

Aww, poor Miley. Justin Timberlake jokes about giving someone his penis in a Box on SNL and we think he's funny. Miley Cyrus shows a little bit of skin and we call her a 'ho. Life ain't fair.