Friday, September 12, 2008

Bad week

What a crummy week. Not for any reason I want to talk about (well, OK, it was a tragic death in the family of one of the nicest people I know). My prevailing mood has been "Meh. Whatever."

But I'm trying to remotivate myself for the weekend so I can get back into the swing of Doing Stuff Around The House. Because I have a confession to make: I still haven't really done much unpacking to speak of even though I moved in more than two months ago. Other than a spiffy paint job in the living room, I've done very little except mow the very large lawn many times with my spiffy new Toro Recycler mower. I just lost all motivation.

I think I realized the reason last week: I suddenly hate all my furniture. It never bothered me a bit in the old bungalow, even though most of it is nothing special, but in my little ranch it just seems all wrong. The dining room table is the wrong size and style for the dining room. The oriental rugs just don't work. The slipcovers on the sofa and chair seem dull (I think the living room is too dark for them), while in the other house they sort of worked. Without the slipcover the sofa looks sad because it is a bit worn and cat-scratched. I just feel like no matter what I do as far as decor, I'm not going to be happy with it, so why bother?

So I'm thinking perhaps I should just forget the living room for now and paint the bathroom. I'm thinking a little crazy, like maybe adding brown and pink to the existing blue-tile color scheme. Yes? No? Your opinion is valued here at A Complete Bunch of Pants.

Also, I think maybe I want to go downtown Saturday evening to see Razpa for free. Anybody? Bueller?


--Lisa S. said...

First, sorry about the bad news.

Anyway, sounds like you could use some paint therapy! If the world feels out of control, you can always take control of one small room and paint your way to mental health, hee hee. Which is why I painted a small windowless bathroom a mango color and funked it up with accents. My friend calls this room the antidepression chamber.

For your bathroom, you mentioned trying brown and pink, with the existing blue? Well, brown and blue work, but I'm not sure about the pink. Maybe tangerine? Without seeing the actual shades, hard to tell. Good luck with the paint therapy though!

Lisa B. said...

I think I'm long past the point where paint alone will restore my mental health, but I do think it will be therapeutic to paint something.

Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations (really, it looks good: Brown and blue seems to be trendy in home decor right now, and I like the look. So I was thinking maybe the three of them would play well together in the bathroom. If not, it's just paint ;-)