Sunday, October 26, 2008

This post brought to you by Major League Baseball

I'm multitasking ... writing this while watching Game 4 of the World Series. Except that at this point there's no actual baseball going on because they're doing all the recap/pregame buildup with a break every two minutes so Fox can cram as many commercials as possible into the beginning of the broadcast. I think there are three minutes of ads for every one minute of sports talk.

I missed the first three games because, darn, I was in London.

I had an excellent time ... but no, I didn't do all those many things one simply must do when one is in London. Good reason to go back, I guess. I did have a pint in a pub and a cup of coffee in the cafe in the Crypt (at St.-Martin-in-The-Fields), so alliteratively speaking the trip was a huge success.

I'm currently working on my cloyingly pretentious Madonna-esque fake British accent. I can say queue instead of line without even thinking about it now, and every once in a while I'll even pronounce a T sound instead of a D sound in words like "pretty."

I took some pictures. Coming soon to a Flickr photostream near you.

Coming home I was on the first international flight into the brand-spanking-new terminal at RDU. I saw a bit of it through the glass walls of the corridor that international arrivals are funneled through to Passport Control and Customs. Looks a lot like an airport terminal. Then I stood in line (oops, I'm supposed to say queue, aren't I?) for 45 minutes ... at least four times as long as I've ever had to wait to get back into this country before (all at far busier airports than RDU). I think other countries are perfectly well within their rights to make me wait forever to be admitted if that's what they want to do, but it annoys me (I mean, makes me cross) when my own country does it.

But back to baseball, it's the bottom of the 5th and Tampa Bay is making me very, very sad ...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Putting the "trans" in trans-Atlantic ...

I've been posting so infrequently that no one will notice if I step away for a few days, will they? Good, because I'm heading off to London this afternoon for a long weekend. Maybe I'll take a few photos, but maybe not so many because I didn't bother to get a voltage converter for my camera battery charger, so once the juice in my battery runs out, it's out. Unless I manage to go out at lunch today and pick up a spare camera battery (it costs about the same as a converter, but would prove to be more useful to me in the long run).

Anywho, be good while I'm gone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Perhaps this makes up for our current lack of Ethiopian restaurants ...

Durham is on another "Best" list, this time it's Business Week's list of the best cities for riding out a recession. We're #3 (Behind Arlington, VA, and Washington, DC). Madison, WI, another kick-ass place I've lived, is #4. But it's too damn cold there. We're wearing flop-flops in October.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Does this security checkpoint make me look fat?

I went to Chicago over the weekend. The most noteworthy bit was when I got to see the White Sox beat Tampa Bay in game 3 of their ALDS matchup. Well OK, I had to leave before the actual win to catch my flight home, but when I left they were ahead and they didn't score more after I was gone, so I'm counting it as seeing the win. Our seats were right above the Sox bullpen (thanks to the fact that a sister of the friend I visited works for the White Sox). See, I got pictures:

a.j. gets his gear on toss it to me me me!

My friend Jackie and I did lots of other stuff in Chicago and I'll post photos on Flickr. Maybe. Sooner or later.

But the thing currently sticking in my memory is that I was pulled aside for a pat-down while going through security at Midway. It wasn't random, either--apparently the three layers of shirts I was wearing (hey, I was at a ball game in Chicago in October--I could have frozen my ass off) made me look suspicious, because the guy yelled out "Female. Bulky. Pat-down." Yes, dude called me bulky. Loudly. And then I caught him checking out my ass while I was waiting for a woman TSA worker to show up and pat me down. I wanted to say something like "yeah, my ass is so hot it'll make the plane explode, baby!" But it's not a good idea to mess with TSA workers because you're never sure which one is going to be stupid, easily threatened and on a power trip. So I kept my mouth shut and eventually got a quick, cursory pat-down by a woman who was way bulkier than I am. She was very nice, almost apologetic, and I was on my way very quickly. So it wasn't such a big deal, just my chance to play a role in TSA's theater of the absurd

Thursday, October 02, 2008

What fun ...

Even the people at work who would otherwise be inclined to like whomever John McCain chose as a running mate are hatin' all over Sarah Palin. We are very amused.