Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Good food, bad photo

stuffed peppers

I tried stuffed peppers last night. Not bad! I perused a few online recipes for inspiration, and decided to do a tomato lentil couscous filling, topped with cheese and some basil. The recipe might have even made Michael Pollan happy: nothing from a can or a jar! And some of the ingredients were locally grown (in my friend's garden), although a few were from Kroger, which means they could have been grown in Paraguay for all I know. Also, I have no idea where to get locally produced couscous or lentils. I guess in the perfect Pollan world I'd have to do without those ingredients.

The only thing I thought when I ate one last night was that it could have used a little more cheese. But then everything could always use a little more cheese.

I barely made a dent in the tomatoes, and I still have some peppers left. I ended up freezing a bunch of the basil ... I probably should have made pesto with it but I had to go to dog class and I just didn't have the time. I hope it survives the freezing, but just in case it doesn't I kept one sprig and and am trying to root it. I'll see if I can keep a windowsill basil plant going all winter and then next spring I will force myself to overcome my garden laziness and at least plant some herbs.


Robust McManlyPants said...

For local couscous you might have some luck with the Baba Ganoush places in Southern Durham. (I probably just wildly misspelled the name.) They're locally owned restaurants that also sell some of their products in tubs. If they can't help you I'll bet they can tell you who can. There's one in the Homestead Market shopping center at 54 & Fayetteville and another down 54 at 54/55 in the same shopping center as Spice & Curry.

Lisa B. said...

I know you can get already-cooked couscous at those places, but I'm talking about the dried kind I cook myself.

So do they actually make their couscous (i.e take the semolina and shape it into little granules ... or whatever is done to make couscous) on site or in-house or whatever? Out of locally grown semolina? (I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as locally grown semolina, and I work for the bean counters who actually count beans in this state).

But to be perfectly honest, I refuse to really give a crap whether my couscous is "local." If I had to eat local everything I'd spend every non-working hour driving around town chasing down one foodstuff or another. I consider it a big accomplishment that I did some actual cooking without using anything from a can or a jar. There's absolutely no way I'd survive as a "locavore" unless I was forced to by som post-armageddon scenario.

girlnblack77 said...

FWIW... I saw on the town's Things to Do calendar that (Stone Byrd Bros?) the garden center in Central Park is doing winter garden workshops... something about planting when it's not droughty and buggy.
We love using excess tomatoes to make homemade salsa. My MIL has a recipe that calls for liquid smoke, which is kind of intriguing and frightening at the same time. :)