Friday, October 23, 2009

It was never really like that even back when it was like that

Three times over the past couple of weeks I've started blog posts, written a bit (in one case, quite a long bit), and then thought "Meh, boring." and quit. Is that writer's block or thinker's block?

Anyway, all this week I've been wondering exactly what illness I'm fighting off. My immune system is winning against something, but I don't know what. But whatever it is, it's never a good idea to Google the phrase "mild flu-like symptoms" unless you want to be convinced you're going to die soon.

Friday, October 09, 2009

You're too busy trying not to appear shallow to actually be deep

So, Facebook sort of steals my blogging thunder. It's far easier to blurt out a however-many-characters-or-less status update than to actually write a blog entry. It's like the internet is killing the internet. Or something.

Anyway, I'm still wondering exactly how to work the whole Facebook friend thing. I thought it was supposed to be a place to "connect" (whatever the hell that means) with people you already know (even if you've never met them in person ... hi online friends! Love ya!). But I often get friend requests from friends of friends, i.e., people who only know me from comments I've posted on friends' status updates. I always feel in a quandary about whether to accept or not ... I usually end up doing it because, well I guess because I don't want to be unfriendly or anything ...

But sometimes I feel like I have too many "friends." I have such a huge barrage of status updates to sift through and I think I miss half of the "important" ones. I'll be talking to someone in "real" life and they'll say something like "I posted that on Facebook, didn't you see it?" Then I feel bad because it's like I'm ignoring them or something, when really I just didn't have time to get through all the posts from all the people whose lives have ever intersected mine ...

I know you can hide people so their updates don't show up, but then why am I their "Facebook Friend" in the first place?

Despite the effort required to write the damn posts, blogging is in some respects much easier. You're free to come read what I write if you want to ... or not. Nothing really to keep track of on my end. But then there are all of your blog posts waiting for me to read in my RSS feed ...

Thursday, October 01, 2009

She turned me into a newt. I got better.

I posted a couple of food pictures over at Flickr yesterday ...

bacon bacon waffle

They happened to be two things that were particularly delicious to me. So someone ... not a "Flickr friend" or anything, just someone who'd never commented before, came by and made a couple of comments implying that the delicious delicious food was gross. The comments have since been dispatched into electronic limbo, so I can't quote verbatim, but I'll approximate. On the flan photo, the person had written "WTF? WTF? Reminds me of this (with "this" being link to some horrid molded gelatinized creation of yore that you find in old cookbooks full of unfortunate recipes.) On the bacon bacon waffle photo, she had said something like "This is f*cked. What is this American fascination with bacon?"

A better person than I probably wouldn't have been pissed off by the comments, but I was. First off, what rock does someone have to live under to be unfamiliar with flan (i.e., baked custard)? And if you don't like flan (some poor souls don't, bless their hearts), wouldn't it be nicer and more polite to just say "I don't care for flan," or, better still, say nothing and go look at another photo? But it was the bacon comment that really pissed me off, mostly the implication that a love of bacon was somehow indicative of the general inferiority of Americans to ... well, I don't know what nationality the commenter is. And considering that I've eaten bacon in almost every country I've visited (somewhere around 12ish maybe, although I could be forgetting something), there's nothing at all uniquely American about bacon, or the love thereof. There's lots of stuff you can criticize Americans for and I won't protest, but bacon love is too universal among the bacon-eating peoples of the world to be one of them.

So me being me, my first impulse was to tell the commenter to fuck off. And I did, in those exact words, along with other words explicitly telling the commenter to go away and don't come back.

Then I remembered that I'm having a happy life right now, and snipey snarkiness, no matter how warranted, usually just makes me feel more snipey and snarky, i.e., less happy. Did I really want to get into a war of vitriol with some stupid random stranger on Flickr? Nah. Better to just push buttons to make her disappear and then go on with my life. So I deleted both of our comments and blocked her from my photostream. She can go insult someone else's beloved foodstuffs, and I'm free to look at my flan photo and sigh contentedly with the memory of how fabulously delicious it was.

I win.