Thursday, October 01, 2009

She turned me into a newt. I got better.

I posted a couple of food pictures over at Flickr yesterday ...

bacon bacon waffle

They happened to be two things that were particularly delicious to me. So someone ... not a "Flickr friend" or anything, just someone who'd never commented before, came by and made a couple of comments implying that the delicious delicious food was gross. The comments have since been dispatched into electronic limbo, so I can't quote verbatim, but I'll approximate. On the flan photo, the person had written "WTF? WTF? Reminds me of this (with "this" being link to some horrid molded gelatinized creation of yore that you find in old cookbooks full of unfortunate recipes.) On the bacon bacon waffle photo, she had said something like "This is f*cked. What is this American fascination with bacon?"

A better person than I probably wouldn't have been pissed off by the comments, but I was. First off, what rock does someone have to live under to be unfamiliar with flan (i.e., baked custard)? And if you don't like flan (some poor souls don't, bless their hearts), wouldn't it be nicer and more polite to just say "I don't care for flan," or, better still, say nothing and go look at another photo? But it was the bacon comment that really pissed me off, mostly the implication that a love of bacon was somehow indicative of the general inferiority of Americans to ... well, I don't know what nationality the commenter is. And considering that I've eaten bacon in almost every country I've visited (somewhere around 12ish maybe, although I could be forgetting something), there's nothing at all uniquely American about bacon, or the love thereof. There's lots of stuff you can criticize Americans for and I won't protest, but bacon love is too universal among the bacon-eating peoples of the world to be one of them.

So me being me, my first impulse was to tell the commenter to fuck off. And I did, in those exact words, along with other words explicitly telling the commenter to go away and don't come back.

Then I remembered that I'm having a happy life right now, and snipey snarkiness, no matter how warranted, usually just makes me feel more snipey and snarky, i.e., less happy. Did I really want to get into a war of vitriol with some stupid random stranger on Flickr? Nah. Better to just push buttons to make her disappear and then go on with my life. So I deleted both of our comments and blocked her from my photostream. She can go insult someone else's beloved foodstuffs, and I'm free to look at my flan photo and sigh contentedly with the memory of how fabulously delicious it was.

I win.


crystal said...

I think your pics look beautiful. So there.

Love the MP:HG ref. too :)

girlnblack77 said...

As your photos show up above the commentary in my Google Reader, I thought I'd share my thought process:
"Ooh. That flan looks muuuch better than my attempt last year..."
"Whaaat?! Who *doesn't* know what flan is, or that this is an exceptional one?!"
Pooh to your mean commenter. Chalk it up to the almost-full moon. :)

Lisa B. said...

Thanks, y'all!

girlinblack, it was "professional" flan, from a restaurant. I bet yours tasted good ;-)

Crystal, it took me a minute to realize what "MP:HG" stood for! But that's one of my favorite move lines ever.

santos. said...

hate those hateful haters. i too have an impulse to ask wtf is wrong with them but generally try to keep the peace by doing what you did and deleting the negativity altogether. however, i can still pretty much remember every hateful comment ever and wish i could just tell him/her that he/she very much needs a hug--if one is so unhappy there is a need to malign a stranger's work because there's nothing better to do, well then. it's time to hug it out.

dang, i want that flan.

Lisa B. said...

It was flantastic!

Funny, I remember all the bad ones as well. Suggesting that the person needs a hug has never occurred to me before--I should try that. Usually what springs to my mind is something containing the F word.

I'm so sensitive I even get a little cranky when someone tries to "helpfully" critique the photo, like suggesting a different crop or something. That sort of thing seems so arrogant to me.

santos. said...

oh yeah, most flickrers know who the techie F-stop quarterlight photographers are out there, and then the ones who just take photos for the sake of the subject, not the photo. you would think in a comment section full of "nom!" that telling you to crop the shot would be out of place.

ellend said...

I wish I had the flan, the waffle and the bacon right now. Double helpings.

I don't know why it is but the negative stuff stands out more than the good. That's just wrong.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, I wish the negative could go in one ear and out the other (or it written, in one eye and ...), but instead it usually echoes around in there for a while, crating mayhem ...

And a bacon waffle would be lovely just now ...