Tuesday, November 03, 2009

If I could write you a song it would be about food

Sometimes the uneventful life is the good life. But occasionally I like having some small something to rant about.

Saturday night I got zero trick-or-treaters. But I know they were out and about because I could hear people talking and laughing as they down my street. I have no idea why they didn't stop at my house. I had a light on in the screen porch, which is the entry I use for my house (and the easiest one to reach from the driveway.) Isn't that supposed to indicate that you're there and have candy to give? There was, however, no light over the front door, which I never use. That light burned out a while back and I never bothered to replace it. Maybe that kept them away?

So next year I'll do one of two things: A) put some sort of lanterns down the driveway to indicate that yes, I'm Halloween-friendly, or B) don't buy any fucking candy. I'm thinking B might be easiest. I wasn't really that upset about not having to get up and give out candy and deal with excited barking dogs over and over again.

Whilst awaiting the trick-or-treaters who stood me up, I made a pizza. I used a different crust recipe, which resulted in a really good thin and crispy crust. It would have been a fabulous pizza if I hadn't put too much basil on it. I didn't even know it was possible to have too much basil but, yes, it really is. I took a photo but the photo sucked. It wasn't an exceptionally photogenic pizza.

But my boots photographed very well:

superhero boots


santos. said...

LOVE those boots! come here next year, i need help passing out candy at my folks' house. it wasn't so bad this year--maybe 1200 people?

Lisa B. said...

Holy crap! 1200? Insane!

Are your parents in the Philippines or Guam? I can't remember ... You know I've been wanting to go to Guam for a while now ...

Vinciane said...

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