Monday, February 22, 2010

I once offended a foodie by calling him a foodie

Oh noes! All I can think of is food! A couple of years ago I lost 20 pounds and I've been extremely happy with the svelter me. (Also, it's helped my dog agility tremendously; I have way more stamina and my knees and feet don't get sore after a weekend of competing.) One of the things that helped me maintain my weight is the fact that I've never been overly interested in food. I mean, I love to eat and I adore yummy things, but usually I'd rather go hungry than put much effort into making anything. I guess I'm just lazy.

Now that the Swell Fellow and I have been cooking regularly, I'm thinking a lot about food, mostly searching for recipes that would be fun to try. When S.F. isn't around, I'm still not terribly inclined to expend much effort on my food, but I seem to have a lot more yummy leftovers hanging around, which means I'm eating really well without much effort.

Egads, the last thing I want to do is fatten up again. Good thing I have a treadmill! I bought it off of Craigslist last year, mostly because I wanted to teach the dogs to walk on it so I could exercise them and keep them fit for agility even when it was crappy a cold and getting dark really early. But I use it way more than they do. Mostly I walk on it, but I'm working in longer and longer periods of running. It's a fabulous way to not feel guilty about spending a long time in front of the TV. Joss Whedon shows are a great accompaniment to a treadmill workout.

Anyway, back to food ... I think I want to try my hand at something heavenly but not very healthy my mother used to make for us: pork tenderloin sandwiches. Oh, christ on a cracker those things were heavenly! The funny thing is that my mother was never a really great cook, but you couldn't tell it from her pork tenderloin sandwiches. If she could make them, surely I can too, right?

In other food-related incidents, my sourdough starter seems to have gone bad. Apparently it requires a bit more maintenance than the Betty Crocker cookbook let on. It's like the little tiny turtles I had when I was a kid: they look so cool in the store, but then after you get them home you realize you can't forget to feed them and clean their little habitat. So I've been looking into that as well, and will be collecting some of the links I find over at delicious (where I also seem to have accumulated a plethora of recipes over time).

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