Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Just fill it with random text and bake

beast & roots

So really, all I seem to do these days is cook. I needed stuff to take to work for lunches, so I made a crock-pot pot roast. It actually behaves more like a soup because cooking the roast all night in the crock pot makes it just fall apart. Deliciously. I had no recipe. I just chucked the roast in and added onion, potatoes carrots and rutabaga. I had wanted to use turnips but Compare Foods, where I like to get my produce, was out of turnips. So I used a rutabaga and it works just fine. Then I added 2 cups of beef bouillon spiked with my secret ingredient: a big dollop of Marmite.

If my agility class is cancelled tonight because of rain I might just make some sourdough bread. And spend at least a half an hour on the treadmill ...

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