Friday, February 19, 2010

NEW Feature! Unsolicited and perhaps even unwarranted product reviews!

In yet another a blatant attempt to get companies to send me free crap stuff (HELLO, PILLSBURY! Have I not said enough how much I love your crescent dough? Oh wait, it's very nearly free most of the time if you combine the right sale with the right coupon ... so I suppose I can buy my own) I'm going to, maybe sometimes if I feel like it, post product reviews.

Today, We have one GOOD and one BAD. I'll do the bad one first so I can end on an upbeat note.

TAZO Organic Chai Spiced Black Tea
. When I bought this (on sale and with a doubled $1 coupon at Harris Teeter), I thought I was treating myself to an indulgence, because even discounted it cost more than I usually pay for tea. I drink a LOT of tea, so I can't afford the good stuff. Good thing I'm mostly content with the cheap stuff. And I will continue to be, because this stuff is horrible. Bleah, even the memory of it is nauseating me. See, I don't really know from chai. Other than the odd bit here and there at Thai restaurants, I've only ever had Stash brand chai spiced tea, which is quite yummy. So I thought that being all hoity toity and expensive, TAZO would maybe be yummier. And they make it sound yummy on the box: "To create your own version of TAZO® ORGANIC CHAI, you would have to accumulate many frequent flyer miles shuttling between Asia, Africa and Central America gathering rich black tea, sweet cinnamon, zingy ginger, spicy star anise and warm cardamom." But the predominant flavor of TAZO® ORGANIC CHAI is none of these things. No, Tazo Organic Chai would be better named TAZO® BLACK PEPPER TEA, because it tastes like I filled a tea infuser with ground black pepper and steeped it for several minutes. Even sweetening with honey didn't help. If you think I'm kidding or exaggerating, or you're thinking "Mmm, black pepper tea sounds delish," then I've got a box with 17 tea bags left in it to for you (I gave the stuff three chances before I decided I could stomach no more). Let me know if black pepper tea sounds like your thing and I'll figure out how to get it to you. (I'm even willing to send it to Guam if you want it, Santos!)

When I want to splurge, I'm buying Stash tea from now on (which is cheaper anyway).

Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters.
ZOMG! This stuff is edible crack. I almost regret having tried it (it was on sale at Kroger and I had a stacking e-coupon+paper coupon combo that made it free) because now every time I'm in the grocery store I have to go check the price to see if I can let myself buy it. (Tricky, because while it's with the granola bars at Kroger, Harris Teeter stocks it with the nuts. I don't know where Food Lion keeps it because they don't double coupons so I rarely shop there.) Seriously, this stuff is good. The problem is the regular price is just completely wack and no one in her right mind should ever pay it. A 5-ounce bag, which they claim is 4.5 servings but in real life it's really two, or maybe even only one depending on how you're feeling, has a regular price of $3.99. But regular prices are for chumps. So I'll only be buying this stuff when the combination of sale price and coupons puts it at 99 cents or less. Then you better believe I'm stocking up. Not that a stockpile will last me very long because like I said, a bag can be one serving, depending ...

DISCLAIMER: In accordance with some new rules about bloggers and free stuff, I hereby declare that nobody sent me diddly in exchange for these reviews.


spacegrrl said...

i find much of what nature valley produces to be edible crack. for a looooooong time their granola bars were the only ones i really liked; now i've gotten started on the sweet & salty nut bars which one can kid oneself are not candy bars due to the presence of nuts and oats, but frankly, they're candy bars that don't give you a blood sugar crash.

girlnblack77 said...

I second the review of Nut Clusters. I love-love-love them. I think I like the cashew ones best, but the hubbie is partial to the almond ones. They are kind of like crack. For this reason, we don't open a bag until the kids go to bed, and then the bag is empty before they wake up in the morning. (eeevil parenting)

Lisa B. said...

True Lisa, Nature Valley granola bars are crackalicious. I'm really fond of the peanut butter ones. I'm not sure if I dare try the sweet & salty nut bars ... I think I would get hooked.

GinB--sounds more like sane parenting to me. You don't want your kids thinking they're entitled to the good stuff ;-)