Wednesday, April 21, 2010

At least the kitchen works

Stupid volcano.

If you've been paying attention to The News, or maybe my Facebook status feed, you won't be surprised to learn that my trip to Wales did not happen. I'm more than a little bummed out about it, and I've shaken my fist at the volcano a few times, but there's really nothing to be done. The only positive is that Continental Airlines turned my non-refundable ticket into a refundable one, so I'm hoping that in however many weeks it takes them to process the refund, I will have a chunk of cash to apply to the debt on my new furnace.

I could have taken the whole week off anyway, but I decided to just take two days and save the rest for later. I may think of something fun and cheap to do with the time (like visit another friend out who invited me out to the Pacific Northwest, maybe? I can use frequent flier miles for that one ...)

So now I'm back to the same old same old, with no lovely memories of my adventures in Wales to shore up my spirits.

Maybe I need to bake a cake or something ...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It starts out as a flirtation and ends up an expensive habit

Hi, it's me! I've started and not finished several blog posts over the last ... what? Two months? I can't be bothered to check. I've been doing the same old things:
  • Making some delicious food, including but not limited to: no-knead bread, lemon curd, coconut cake, little lemon souffles, "camping" doughnuts, lemon angel torte and frozen lemon yogurt. In case you can't tell, I'm really into the lemon right now.

  • Coupon stuff. Still saving lots of money. Too lazy to recount all the free and incredibly cheap stuff I've gotten over the past couple of months. My favorite deals this week were free nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat bread and 12 oz. of New England Coffee for 99 cents.

  • GETTING READY FOR MY TRIP TO WALES!! Less than a week to go! My mother has graciously agreed to stay at my house and look after my dogs. I hope she doesn't get too bored. She adores the $7 fabric store on 15-501, but how many times can she go there before it gets boring too? She's been to Durham before, though, so hopefully she can find her way to some fun. What's good for a 70-something woman to do in Durham?