Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fabulous! Thanks for asking.

I'm still having fun with money and food. Also cleaning supplies. I haven't really posted much about my coupon conquests because, well, wouldn't it just get a bit boring after a while? But also because I had established such a stockpile of cheap or free food and household supplies that I realized I could just not go shopping at all for a while. Of course I had to buy perishables (mostly stuff you don't usually find coupons for, like milk, fruit, veggies and eggs), but I really didn't need much else because I had stocked up in the previous months. So aside from a few odd incredible deals (like doubles at Kmart and triples at Harris Teeter), I just haven't been shopping much.

Until yesterday, that is. It's Harris Teeter Super Doubles time again (that's when they double any coupon up to $1.98 in value), and I had a great trip. I used my quota of 20 doubleable (is that a word? Is now ...) coupons, all but one over $1 (plus one non-doubleable $2 coupon). My order rang up at $56.23 (after "VIC" savings, which were $17.55), and I paid $12.62 after coupons. Here's what I got (You can click it to see it bigger, y'know):

The two Mystic Pizzas? Free! (There's a little line on the box that says something about it being the pizza that made the movie famous. I don't remember the pizza in the movie being frozen ... but I digress. But wait, that's not all I got free! Also free were the cans of Muir Glen tomatoes, two Reach dental flosses, two Kashi Cereals, two Hersheys Extra Dark chocolate bars and three McCormick spices. The rest of the stuff was just really, really cheap. (If you're wondering how I figure out the best deals, I use the lists at Southern Savers.) I plan to make at least a couple more trips before Super Doubles ends next week.

I've gotten so accustomed to not paying anywhere near full price for so much stuff in the grocery store that I think long and hard about buying just about anything that isn't. Do I really NEED this? I ask myself. Usually in the case of milk, eggs or fresh fruit and veggies, I'll answer yes, but I still look for those things on sale or frequent the places where they are usually cheaper. (Fruits and veg are usually cheaper at Kroger and Food Lion than at Harris Teeter, and often even cheaper still at Compare Foods.) Sometimes for other things I decide that no, I don't actually need it, which ends up saving me even more money.

So anyway, in other news, you didn't actually ask but I'll tell you that life is good. No, life is great. No, make that fabulous. The "bad" things that happen seem to always turn out to be good after all. I hope that's how it is for you, too.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet me after school and I will beat you like gorilla

I think I got bored with blogging again. I'll go ahead and keep blaming the volcano. See, if I had taken my trip to Wales, I'd have easily had all sorts of new and interesting thoughts to share simply because my mind would have been in a completely different place. I had been hoping to come home seeing the world with new enthusiasm (or something like that), which is what always happens after I go somewhere. Then I would have written about it, posted photos, maybe even tried making new foods based on something I had eaten there ... but no. Alas. I stayed here and couldn't think of a damned thing to say that seemed interesting enough to mention here.

I'm trying to revive a less-than-successful meditation habit that I had tried to establish previously. It's not as exciting as yoga (which I'm also still doing regularly), but I can see some benefits. If you do it lying down it's a great way to fall asleep ... which is why you're told to sit up. But what If I really need the sleep? Seems like a win-win outcome to me ...

Oh, I suppose since I brought the subject up a few months ago that I should mention it now and be done with it: the swell fellow I had met back in January turned out to be not so swell after all. So now I get to go out on "dates." It's OK.

I did get mildly excited over the weekend about some rhubarb my friend Cindy gave me. Yum, rhubarb! I decided to try making rhubarb bars with it, but after the baking the result behaved nothing at all like a bar, but more like a cobbler:

rhubarb thingie

It was damn tasty, though, and that's what really matters. I'd post the recipe, but I can't find it now.