Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet me after school and I will beat you like gorilla

I think I got bored with blogging again. I'll go ahead and keep blaming the volcano. See, if I had taken my trip to Wales, I'd have easily had all sorts of new and interesting thoughts to share simply because my mind would have been in a completely different place. I had been hoping to come home seeing the world with new enthusiasm (or something like that), which is what always happens after I go somewhere. Then I would have written about it, posted photos, maybe even tried making new foods based on something I had eaten there ... but no. Alas. I stayed here and couldn't think of a damned thing to say that seemed interesting enough to mention here.

I'm trying to revive a less-than-successful meditation habit that I had tried to establish previously. It's not as exciting as yoga (which I'm also still doing regularly), but I can see some benefits. If you do it lying down it's a great way to fall asleep ... which is why you're told to sit up. But what If I really need the sleep? Seems like a win-win outcome to me ...

Oh, I suppose since I brought the subject up a few months ago that I should mention it now and be done with it: the swell fellow I had met back in January turned out to be not so swell after all. So now I get to go out on "dates." It's OK.

I did get mildly excited over the weekend about some rhubarb my friend Cindy gave me. Yum, rhubarb! I decided to try making rhubarb bars with it, but after the baking the result behaved nothing at all like a bar, but more like a cobbler:

rhubarb thingie

It was damn tasty, though, and that's what really matters. I'd post the recipe, but I can't find it now.

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Big Al Davies said...

I hope you would have eaten something good here Lisa.

A volcano? Still can't believe it, and I don't live in that house now.