Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Do you have to have a garden to have a garden party?

Yet again, my bons mots have been wasted on Facebook lately, mostly because it's so easy to get a cheap laugh over there. No need for complete sentences! But Facebook is really sort of a black hole ... you post your most profound sentiment and maybe get gratified by a few comments, but then it just disappears beneath the weight of all the subsequent stupid stuff you say or post. And by you I mean me. At least if you put it in your blog someone searching the term "mr. ray's hair weave" could stumble across it years later and maybe, just maybe, appreciate your little pearls of wisdom. Or whatever they are. ("Mr. Ray's Hair Weave" is the second most popular search term that brings people to this blog behind the term "bunch of pants." I completely understand the urge to search on the term "Mr. Ray's Hair Weave", as I, like everyone else who lived in the DC area in the '70s or early 80's, would love to find an online video of the beloved Mr. Ray's Hair Weave commercial. So far, no luck. If you got here because of that search, you may or may not find this post interesting.)

But that's not why I came here today. I came to talk about tomatoes and basil. But I just expended all my energy writing that rather overlong paragraph above, so I'll talk tomatoes and basil another day. Except that I'll ask one question: What can I do with basil aside from making pesto?

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