Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is great, have a cookie ...


I'm just not that into writing words right now. But I made cookies! The really cool thing about snickerdoodles is that anyone with a normally stocked pantry will have all of the ingredients on-hand. I'd post the recipe but I don't remember where I got it; google "snickerdoodles" and pick the one that looks simplest. That's what I did.

In other news, I'm still maintaining a semi-regular meditation practice. And I've learned the word "practice" is key. For a while I just felt like I was just struggling--struggling to maintain straight posture, struggling to keep my shoulders from tensing, struggling to keep a comfortable seat, struggling to keep my thoughts from running away with me ... and then I realized that the struggle is actually what it's all about. When you mention this sort of thing to experienced meditators they will often say "That's why they call it practice." Zing!

OK then. My life is awesome. Have a fabulous day.