Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It came from the garden ...

crazy orange cucumber

My friend gave me this plant and said it was a Thai cucumber. I'd never heard of a Thai cucumber, but it sounded cool, so I planted it. Now I have a rather large orange cucumber. When I go to sleep tonight, are little alien tentacles going to come out and suck out my brains? Or could it actually be a Chinese Yellow Cucumber?

UPDATE: I heard from my friend, who says it's a "poona kheera" cucumber. Here is a shot of it sliced. Tasty!


Black and Lou said...

I actually stumbled upon your blogs through your dog-li-ness series. Hope you keep writing!

Also a note, if this year you ended up with way too many tomatoes again, you should roast them. Then you can freeze them and have them whenever. Think sun dried tomatoes. They're delicious in salads, quesadillas, with potatoes, ect.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks! I already gave a bunch of tomatoes away. I was too lazy to preserve them by saucing or canning. But I've got a bunch more for the picking soon, so I may try roasting.

Also, I'm planning to get back to dog-li-ness as well. My brain has just been too disorganized to blog.